Instagram and biscuits

I’ve had a Facebook account since just before I emigrated to Australia in 2006, in fact I think I was pretty slow on the uptake as I hadn’t even heard of it until one of my girlfriends suggested I register an account before I left so I could stay connected with friends and family.

As the years have passed I’ve become more savvy in my use of social media and even got myself a Twitter account, well not that I use it much โ€“ I mean who wants to be limited by 140 characters?

However my most recent craze is Instagram, mainly because when I’m bored of a night and my hubbie is watching something dull as hell on telly and I don’t feel like reading, I like looking at pretty pictures! Sounds like a pretty harmless activity doesn’t it?

Well if looking at pretty pictures makes you want to reach for that second thirdย biccie of an evening, maybe not! I don’t know about you but when I’m scrolling through photos on Instagram in my mix matched flannelette PJ’s at people who have beautiful homes, designer clothes/bags/shoes/lives etc I do sometimes suffer from a case of the green eye monster.

Get in my belly - I'm not sharing!

Get in my belly – I’m not sharing!

Although I do follow some really inspiring accounts on Instagram relating to health and nutrition they aren’t the ones that I check out on a regular basis.

So my question is, are you like me and spending far too much time on Instagram following/looking/dreaming at photos of unobtainable lifestyles? Or do you totally veer away from them and only look follow things that make you feel good about yourself?

It would be great if you could share your favourites as well!

Confused Me.